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KittyWeed Now Available in Local Santa Cruz Stores!

Are you a local Santa Cruz resident? Do you need some KittyWeed? Now you can purchase our famous Big Fatty catnip cat toy, as well as a half-ounce bag of premium organic catnip from General Feed & Seed, Pet Pals, and as of today, Scotts Valley Feed! Local businesses supporting local businesses — that’s what we like!


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I think the Big Fatty catnip at toy is purrrrfect and smelly and so much fun to roll around with. ​I just lovvvves it! ​MEOWZA!!!"

—Simone, Santa Cruz, CA

The best nip I've had ever, in all my cat lives! I like to roll with my Fatty in the sun, ​and to eat my little buds after dinner.

—Jr. WmSon, Santa Cruz, CA

Tried the KittyWeed Big Fatty on our Siamese and tabby cats. A small riot ensued. We have to take the Fatty into protective custody now and again, because they've taken to batting it back and forth to each other until they're completely worn out. Outstanding cat toy!

—Bill P., Aptos, CA

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